Bids for PLANCKS 2022

The Physics League Across Numerous Countries for Kickass Students (PLANCKS) is an annual theoretical physics competition for (under-) graduate students. Participants of PLANCKS will compete in teams consisting of three to four members and they will have to answer very difficult physics exercises. Along with the contest several activities are organised such as a symposium and different excursions.

The overall goal of PLANCKS is to increase international collaboration, to host social activities and to stimulate personal development of individual contestants. By bringing physics students together from different parts of the world a setting to exchange ideas and experiences and to challenge each other is created.

The most important things to think about when organising PLANCKS are:

  1. The date of the event – always in May
  2. The location of the contest
  3. Expect around 30 teams (with 3 to 4 members) from all over the world. During the contest each team should have their own room/space.
  4. The exercises for the contest
    Think about which professors you could ask to make an exercise for the contest. To fill up the four hours of the contest, around 10 exercises from different fields are needed.
  5. Science related activities
    Organize a (small) symposium and/or excursion(s) and Lab Tours to show how science/physics is done in your country and to inspire the participants
  6. Social activities
    Let the participants get to know each other during i.e. a barbecue or a party.
  7. Preliminary Budget
    Think about how much your plans will cost and how you will get that money. I.e. if the University has rooms, let them sponsor you, or ask companies in exchange for logos on your booklets and website.

When bidding on PLANCKS, try to include all of above in your bid. Especially the date, location(s) and preliminary budget are important. Try to have some ideas of how to handle the rest!

Tip: Look at how the previous PLANCKS’s went: Utrecht, 2014, Leiden, 2015, Bucharest, 2016, Graz, 2017, Zagreb, 2018, Odense, 2019.

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To make a bid, send your application to ec(at)iaps(dot)info and present it at the General Meeting. For questions, we are always available at events(at)iaps(dot)info.

The election of the 2022 host will be made at the Annual General Meeting in August 2020, during ICPS 2020 in Puebla, Mexico. Haven’t registered yet? You can do that here.